Price List

The prices quoted below are indicative and will be confirmed during the initial consultation, as final pricing depends on the scope of the treatment to be performed. Prices quoted exclude GST.

Plasma non-invasive thermal or fractional treatments (for fine lines and overall tightening, ideally need 4-6 sessions)

$150 ea

Plasma brow lift


Plasma frown lines


Plasma forehead


Plasma upper eyelids


Plasma under eye area


Plasma crow's feet


Plasma upper & lower eye package ( with free crow's feet)


Plasma upper lip


Plasma upper lip

(with accordion lines)


Plasma Lower lip / chin


Plasma Chin

(with accordion lines)


Plasma both lips

(with accordion lines)


Plasma Mini Face lift

$800 - $1,200

Plasma Neck lift

$800 - $1,200

Plasma Tummy lift

$800 - $1,200

Plasma Breast lift

$1,200- $1,400

BB-Glow Radiant Skin

$120 - $150

4D HIFU body sculpting

$800 per area

4D HIFU Radar Face

4D HIFU Radar Face & Neck

4D HIFU combined with HIFU RADAR Facelift

Regular HIFU is done at two depths: 4.5mm and 3mm. That is for general face lifting and skin tightening. We cannot use these two cartridges too close to the mouth and eyes. That is why we use the 1.5 mm cartridge for sensitive areas around the mouth and eyes.

$300 per area



4D HIFU Face & Neck

4D Neck Only 

Neck & Chin




KumaShape III

Cellulite Treatment

$250 per area

per session